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Make sure your pet's shots are up to date. Proof of vaccination is required for Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and K-9 cough. 

Ask your vet about corona and leptospirosis vaccinations. They are not required, but are recommended by most vets before kenneling your dog.

It's a good idea to take an older dog to the vet for a checkup before you bring it to the kennel.

Dogs must have a local vet in case of emergency.

Let your vet know your dog will be at Happy Tail.  We will call your own personal vet in case of an emergency.

If your pet is on medication, be sure to bring enough to last your pet during its stay with us. We do not charge extra to give your pet prescribed medications.

A few days before your pet's visit, give your dog an old towel or an old shirt to sleep with. Bring the article with you to ease the first day pr two in new surroundings.

Bring a rawhide chew bone, tennis ball or a favorite toy to make your pet feel more at home.

For your pet's visit please supply the food your pet eats at home.

There is no need to bring beds, pads or feeding dishes. We provide sanitary bedding and dishes. Label whatever you bring for your pet.
Send your pet a post card. No kidding. Many people do.
Feel free to give us a call if it would ease your mind. We understand. We're pet lovers too.