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Recently I have had to require a 60 pounds and under weight limit for new customer's pets.

Each dog has its own indoor area completely separate from other pets. Dogs are let out to romp in their own individual covered run every two hours.

Each day your pet is taken out individually for exercise in our grassy play area.
The kennel is temperature controlled; heated in winter and air conditioned in summer.

The kennel is scrubbed each day and completely disinfected between dogs.

For your pet's safety, the kennel is monitored by EPS for fire protection and security.

Proof of Rabies, DHLP-P and K-9 Cough required.
We treat your pet in a friendly, caring way - touch and talk to your pet, just like you do. For your pet's visit please supply the food your pet eats at home. Milk bones are given during snack time.  Soothing music is played day and night to make your pet feel at home.
Happytail Boarding Kennels has been keeping pets happy and healthy while their owners are away from home for over 60 years. Your pet's care has been well thought out so you can relax, knowing that everything has been provided for your pet's comfort and security.
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Mary Kinney, Happytail's owner, keeps on top of the latest information on health and safety for your pet. Ask your vet about Happytail kennels. Most area vets know Mary personally and respect her dedication and concern for animals. They know the quality of care at Happytail Boarding Kennels.  Also, ask other dog owners in your neighborhood.

Limited boarding available for cats.