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Recently I had had to consider a weight limit for pets boarding. As I get older, I find myself not able to control larger dogs. Also, the folks that built the kennel raised Doxies - so Great Danes, Newfie, Mastiffs, and St. Bernards just don't fit comfortably. For everyone else charges break down by over 50 pounds or under 50 pounds. Please call for more information on pricing.

Your pet's kennel is scrubbed each day and disinfected between dogs.

For extra safety the kennel is monitored 24/7 for fire and security.

We treat your pet in a friendly, caring way - touch and talk to your pet, just like you do.
Ask your vet or neighbor about HappyTail. We have been around awhile and chances are they know us and we have already taken care of their pets. 

Limited boarding for cats.